Whether you simply want to or incorporate healthy living habits into your life or manage chronic conditions through diet and lifestyle, coaching gives you the information, inspiration and support you need to take positive control of your life.   


Maybe your doctor told you it’s time to lose weight and make meaningful changes because you have health conditions like diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, weight gain or hypothyroid.  Maybe you are stuck in a negative stress loop and not sure how to get control back.  Or maybe you are on information over-load and not sure what health information is right for you or how to begin to apply it to your own life.  


Whatever your life or health consideration, coaching can help you discern the information and make the right choices to help you transform your health and wellbeing.  It all starts with you.  You can start right where you are and choose your pace and desired level of commitment and accountability.  I will be your partner, cheerleader, conscience and gently keep you moving in your chosen direction.  


Coaching provides complete and fully supported nutrition and lifestyle education with customized learning for individual issues, needs and desires.  It’s like having your own “health concierge” to guide you along the way!  

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Empowering women to lose weight, feel great and take positive control of their life! 

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Virtual Yoga Classes

Every Tuesday & Friday

3:45 - 4:45 pm

These are ongoing live "drop in" style classes available to anyone! The fee is $5 per class for those who can pay . The fee will be waived for those experiencing any financial hardship, no questions asked. 

Contact me for the Zoom link:

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