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Eat Real. Live Real.

Coaching with Kristin

If you had the power - what would you do to transform your health and life? 


For real.  Stop here for a moment, take a deep breath and consider the question. You might be making a list of “I need tos” . . . I need to: lose weight, lower my cholesterol, sleep better, start exercising, take better care of myself.  An important list for sure.  Now fast forward to what would happen if you already had all of those things.  Picture yourself doing what you would do, feeling what you would feel, and being who you would be if you were truly living your most authentic life.

What would you need to commit to in order to get there?  

Would you change the way you eat to drop weight, feel better, move better and have more energy?

Would you incorporate more time for self-care and meaningful activities?

Would you finally face internal blocks that stop your flow of success?   


Transformation begins by facing and accepting our challenges, choosing a new and creative way forward and taking action to get there.  One step at a time, with plenty of love and appreciation.  


I’m passionate about great nutrition because I’ve learned that food is a direct pathway inside our body and our life. We truly do become what we eat and our body and life become a reflection of those choices. At least three times a day we have a choice about the food we eat and the life we are actively creating.


Why is it sometimes so hard to make the best choice?  

Our food choices eventually intersect with the rest of our life and can reveal other areas that may need some work. Like changing old thoughts, beliefs, and habits, too much stress, and losing connection with deeper parts of ourselves. That’s why I’m here. To help you transform your life and health . . . for real this time. 


In personalized and unique sessions, you will learn not only great nutrition for a lifetime, but also processes to help remove blocks when they arise, breathing and movement exercises to relieve stress and feel more ease, and space for fun, creative and doable solutions to keep you moving forward more and more of the time.  

Meet Kristin

Clinical Nutritionist & Holistic Transformation Coach

For me it all started in a yoga class over two decades ago.  Why was I struggling against my life instead of flowing with it?  Why did I feel sick and tired all the time?  


My transformational journey began.  I made the hard realization that in order to heal my body, I needed to make some drastic changes to live more in line with what my heart was asking of me.  


Let’s Get Started

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"Kristin is extremely knowledgeable, patient and kind.  Her ability to hold me accountable in a way that works for me while challenging me to listen to my body has been very valuable.  My toolkit for nutrition, self-awareness and self-care gets fuller with every interaction." 

- Lori D

"This holistic program was exactly the jumpstart that I needed to get my habits back on track. I found the one-on-one coaching sessions with Kristin to be extremely helpful. Her insightful perspective and comments were always spot on." 

- Robin S

Kristin’s ability to understand what I wanted to do, the passion and encouragement she brought to each session, and the tools and suggestions she made, made it possible for me to reach each of my goals.  More importantly, I feel she has given me the tools and confidence to continue to set wellness goals for myself and achieve them.  

- Jen M 

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