There are many symptoms that can disrupt your life during menopause and beyond.  Hot flashes, belly fat, mood changes, health challenges and generally not feeling at all like "yourself" - are all too common.  I totally get it, I've been there too!


The temptation is to think that a major part of your life is over and you’ll never feel young, vibrant or sexy again. 

The good news is that's just not true!  I’m a living testament to feeling better, living younger, healthier and happier through this major life change and I’m excited to bring all of my knowledge and professional experience to you, so you can feel the same.  


The Sexy Vibrant You program includes structured learning modules sequenced to help you gradually and steadily incorporate holistic lifestyle changes to help you transform your life and health!

Choose a customized 8 or 12-Week Program

Learning Modules:

Mindset: Your big WHY

Mindset is SO important when it comes to achieving the success you deserve! 

We all have unhelpful thoughts that pop up and sabotage our success.  It’s part of the human condition. In this cornerstone module you’ll create the solid foundation that will support your forward momentum so you can achieve your goals:

  • You’ll get super clear on the outcomes you want to achieve and why they are important to YOU

  • You’ll get to switch your focus from what’s not working, to what you want to create instead

  • You’ll learn the principles you need to promote your ongoing success and cheer yourself on, even on a bad day!


Detox for Body & Mind

Success begins when you start to nurture and detox your physical body.  We forget how well we can actually feel when we get back to simple, real foods like nature intended, and reconnect with how food makes you feel.  You’re going to learn how to:

  • Kickstart your metabolism so you can immediately lose the bloat, stop cravings and improve your energy, right out of the gate.

  • Discern what foods help you feel good, and what foods drag you down

  • Start tracking your progress so you can clearly see the impact of these powerful changes


Nutrition for Menopause

Menopause is a time of major change in a woman’s life.  While there are common themes, each of us is unique and has different physiological, emotional and nutritional needs that can help us feel more in balance with these changes. In this module you’ll learn:

  • How to stop the dieting/depravation mentality and shift towards eating well for a lifetime AND a smaller waistline.

  • Understand the blood sugar/inflammation connection as the root of dis-ease and how to shift your habits towards longevity!

  • To love a new way of eating that supports your wellbeing, satisfies your taste buds and supports hormonal balance. 


Managing Stress & Mindful Living

We women can find ourselves balancing a lot in our lives!  At the same time, we’re also balancing hormonal changes that make us much more reactive to stress. If you’ve put yourself on the back burner for decades, you may find yourself emotionally and physically depleted and in desperate need of a recharge.  This module will help you get your mojo back by:

  • Supporting your body’s battery – the adrenal glands – so you feel charged and ready to go instead of chronically drained and depleted. 

  • Learn easy but powerful self-care tools for balanced mood, relaxation and more life satisfaction

  • Lessen menopausal symptoms like hot flashes and mood swings by naturally managing the key hormones that affect us at this time in our lives.


Emotional Eating

Our relationship to food can be complex.  While we know at some level that not all of our eating is about hunger, it can be hard to pin-point what exactly is sending us to the fridge or the cookie jar (for the 10th time)! In this module we identify:

  • The exact things that can trigger you… what makes you have the “cookie jar” response?

  • How you can take control of your food instead of your food controlling you.

  • Learn mindful eating tips so you enjoy your meals without shame or guilt.


Lifetime Nutrition:  The Whole Food Mediterranean Diet 

If you can’t take yourself to the Mediterranean, take your plate there!  Decades of research shows the Med Diet is the best overall and easiest to follow diet on the planet.  The focus on whole, unprocessed foods makes it’s the perfect segue from your detox module to a satisfying diet . . . without being on a diet.  Here is what we will cover:

  • How to love a new way of eating that supports your wellbeing and satisfies your taste buds - AND never struggle with what to eat again.

  • Know how to modify the Med diet to use food as support to reduce your symptoms.

  • Learn the numerous ways the Med Diet can prevent many chronic conditions that are all too common at midlife, and feel and look younger longer.


Exercise & Movement

Exercise, just like food, needs to be the right kind at the right time.  In menopause especially, you need to ebb and flow with your energy.  The right exercise will enhance the effects of your new diet and help you keep weight off.  Plus + boost your mood and confidence helping you stay the course.  In this module you will learn:

  • Exactly how to exercise for hormonal balance.  It’s NOT hours on the treadmill!

  • Know when you should not exercise, more is not always better.

  • Learn how to build lean mass, bone mass and feel amazing in only 20 minutes. 


Better Sleep 

How long has it really been since you’ve had a decent night’s sleep?  Many of us mourn the days when we used to fall asleep when our head hit the pillow and not wake up again until morning.  Now you are lucky if you can string three hours together at a time!  Better sleep is absolutely possible.  Here’s what you will learn:

  • How to prioritize sleep and retrain your body biological clock so your sleep at night and have energy during the day. 

  • The many benefits of sleep your body uses to look and feel younger. 

  • What habits contribute to good sleep and those that disrupt sleep. 


Meal Planning & Recipes

Even if you like to cook, nobody wants to be in the kitchen all day.  Planning your meals is THE key to sticking with a plan, whether it’s cooking from scratch or even eating out.  Meal planning, recipes and resources will be woven into the entire program to aid in your success. 

  • Get the best tips, recipes and resources to have great ideas at your fingertips.

  • Learn how to order at a restaurant so you can enjoy eating out AND feel good about your choices.

  • Learn “hacks” so that if you want that cheat meal, you still end up ahead of the game.

What you get: 

  • Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions

  • 24/7 email and text support

  • Applicable learning modules detailed above, handouts and personalized resources

  • Two body composition (BIA) readings to track progress  (optional)

  • Meal planning ideas and recipes throughout

4-Week Nutrition Package

Want to keep it simple?  This 4-week nutrition only package helps you get clear on what to eat, when to eat and how to eat to support your wellbeing, aid in preventing chronic health conditions, and satisfy your taste buds.  Plus help your body find it's new natural weight.   

What you get:

  • Weekly one-on-one coaching sessions

  • 24/7 email and text support

  • Handouts and personalized resources

  • Meal planning ideas and recipes throughout


If you’d like to know more contact me for a FREE 15-minute chat, I’d love to hear your story. Together we can figure out if taking the next step is right for you.

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I am glad that I started working with you because you are unusually perceptive and
intuitive and were able to hear where I started so my goals were achievable.  I have continued to make progress, losing more pounds but also feeling less physical pain from arthritis and inflammation. I am walking an hour 3 to 4 times a week with lots of stretching and some yoga.  My food choices are mostly the right things in good quantities.  I was 14 pounds lighter at my last doc visit but am very determined to continue because as you are aware, it is a long journey. - Peg F

Life during peri/menopause is a game changer! Weight gain around my stomach and moodiness were my main concerns.On top of that gluten intolerance and food allergies. With Kristin's program all of this became much clearer! This is not a diet! it is a lifestyle change that menopause makes us do to stay healthy! During the pandamic we had weekly Zoom sessions and information for each week of the program. I found out about cortisol, importance of sleep and what foods to eat and habits to change. And then there is Kristin herself: listening, offers suggestions as well as having the knowledge and know how to keep me on track. After 12 weeks I lost 14 pounds and 2 inches off my waist. What's not to like? - Pam P.

Kristin was a great partner in helping me think through my nutrition and my exercise routine and she helped me create a plan that worked for me.  She considered the whole person and customized our conversations and action plans specifically to my needs.  I highly recommend Kristin – she is both incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate! - Bridget O

Wow! What an amazing program! I was excited when I was entering the program as I knew I was in good hands with Kristin and that I would learn so much to make meaningful and sustainable changes in my life.  But, I am just astounded by how much healthier, focused and balanced I feel after only 12 weeks.  And, I have so many tools to help me continue towards my goal of healthy living!  Thank you, Kristin, for your guidance and support! I think about my Big Why everyday and continue to stay focused on my goal.

- Lori  D

When I started with Kristin, I wanted to be “healthier.” I knew I needed to exercise a bit more and keep a closer eye on what I was eating, but I really wasn’t sure where to begin.  After learning that wellness wasn’t just diet and exercise, but a total picture of a person – mind, body and soul, and that what you put into your body directly effects each of these areas, I decided to make some changes.


Kristin’s ability to understand what I wanted to do, the passion and encouragement she brought to each session, and the tools and suggestions she made, made it possible for me to reach each of my goals.  More importantly, I feel she has given me the tools and confidence to continue to set wellness goals for myself and achieve them.  - Jen M

This holistic program was exactly the jumpstart that I needed to get my habits back on track. I found the one-on-one coaching sessions with Kristin to be extremely helpful. Her insightful perspective and comments were always spot on. - Robin S.

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