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Healthy Food

Eat Real. Live Real.

Coaching with Kristin

Eating real.  

There’s a space where creativity and self-discovery can flourish, along with the commitment and structure to meet all your goals for wellbeing.  I call it eating real.     

Eating real is not a diet, but instead a holistic approach to nutrition and wellbeing applied to YOUR life.  It’s about finding your genius zone with food, mind, and body, and living from that sweet spot more and more of the time.  For the long haul.  

Your body appreciates a steady rhythm of good food, sleep, activity and managed stress hormones to be in a state of ease and flow.  When you are in that sweet spot consistently, you lose weight, have more energy, sleep better, feel less puffy and bloated and greatly improve your wellbeing – all as side effects!  

If you diet to lose weight first, you’ve actually got it backwards.     


Living Real.

It’s not just about food. 


Yes, food choices are important and foundational for health and wellbeing.  But eventually you come up against the obstacles that sabotaged you in the first place.  We’re only human and live real lives.  We can address those issues as they come up, with friendly and creative exercises to help release the grip of old habits and live life more fully and freely.  This is living real.   



It’s my great joy and pleasure to assist you on your journey.


Our sessions can be as individual as you are!  One size does not fit all because none of us live the same life or have the same body.  We are a unique expression of our life experiences and at different levels of readiness to make change.  And that’s ok, let’s meet where YOU are.  


Come ready to work AND play!  Coaching topics include:  


Nutrition Kickstart

  • Kickstart your metabolism so you can immediately lose the bloat, stop cravings and improve your energy right out of the gate.  

  • Discern what foods help you feel good, what foods drag you down, and how to recognize your body’s feedback. 

  • Understand the blood sugar/inflammation connection and how to eat in a healthy daily rhythm.  

Lifetime Nutrition

  • Stop the dieting/depravation mentality and shift towards a new way of eating that supports your wellbeing for a lifetime.  

  • Know how to use food as support for your specific health conditions and personal goals. 

  • Intuitively take control of your food instead of your food controlling you.

Meal planning ideas, recipes, tips and resources are woven in to aid in your success and satisfy your taste buds! 




  • Get super clear on the outcomes you want to achieve and set pleasurable commitments to guide you.   

  • Learn how to work with triggers and habits that cause you to drift off course, and how to get back.  

  • Make self-care a new priority for a greater sense of wellbeing, longevity and more life satisfaction. 



  • Learn the basics of pleasant movement to smooth out tension and stress held in the body. 

  • Experience how basic breathing exercises can calm the body and mind and open up space for creativity and connection. 

  • Dispel the intimidation and mystery around meditation practice. 


Here’s how it works.  Choose a package to meet your needs and level of commitment: 

4 - Session Nutrition Only Package  

Just the bare bones to help you get clear on what to eat, when to eat and how to eat to support your wellbeing (used within 30 days).

  • 4 – 50-minute virtual coaching sessions

  • Applicable handouts and personalized resources

  • Email recap of session 

6 - Session Nutrition & Wellbeing Package

A deeper dive into nutrition and mind/body topics with longer term support (used within 10 weeks).

  • 6 – 50-minute virtual coaching sessions 

  • Expanded stress management and mindset practices 

  • All applicable handouts and personalized resources

  • Between session text or email support

  • Email recap of session

Contact me for a free discovery call to see if working together is right for you.


Kristin has so much knowledge of nutrition, it’s tempting to ply her for recipes, substitutions and hacks. She’s joyful about food and she has an abundance of ideas about nourishment and sustenance. Kristin’s real impact, however, was helping me get off the glucose roller coaster. I’d been spiking my glucose levels for years, and it was causing a growing number of health complaints like weight gain, high cholesterol, acid reflux, fatty liver syndrome, arthritis, and mind-numbing fatigue. I needed guidance to reset my inner-compass and rework my daily nutritional choices. By keeping it “pleasurable and measurable” every step of the way, she helped me bring my habits - the good, the bad and the unconscious - into better balance. I was surprised how quickly I felt energized. It has only been a few weeks and I’m already crossing several complaints off the list. Kristin enabled me to start my own personal glucose revolution, and I’m very grateful!   - Liz  R

Life during peri/menopause is a game changer! Weight gain around my stomach and moodiness were my main concerns.On top of that gluten intolerance and food allergies. With Kristin's program all of this became much clearer! This is not a diet! it is a lifestyle change that menopause makes us do to stay healthy! During the pandamic we had weekly Zoom sessions and information for each week of the program. I found out about cortisol, importance of sleep and what foods to eat and habits to change. And then there is Kristin herself: listening, offers suggestions as well as having the knowledge and know how to keep me on track. After 12 weeks I lost 14 pounds and 2 inches off my waist. What's not to like? - Pam P.

Kristin was a great partner in helping me think through my nutrition and my exercise routine and she helped me create a plan that worked for me.  She considered the whole person and customized our conversations and action plans specifically to my needs.  I highly recommend Kristin – she is both incredibly knowledgeable and compassionate! - Bridget O

Wow! What an amazing program! I was excited when I was entering the program as I knew I was in good hands with Kristin and that I would learn so much to make meaningful and sustainable changes in my life.  But, I am just astounded by how much healthier, focused and balanced I feel after only 12 weeks.  And, I have so many tools to help me continue towards my goal of healthy living!  Thank you, Kristin, for your guidance and support! I think about my Big Why everyday and continue to stay focused on my goal.

- Lori  D

When I started with Kristin, I wanted to be “healthier.” I knew I needed to exercise a bit more and keep a closer eye on what I was eating, but I really wasn’t sure where to begin.  After learning that wellness wasn’t just diet and exercise, but a total picture of a person – mind, body and soul, and that what you put into your body directly effects each of these areas, I decided to make some changes.


Kristin’s ability to understand what I wanted to do, the passion and encouragement she brought to each session, and the tools and suggestions she made, made it possible for me to reach each of my goals.  More importantly, I feel she has given me the tools and confidence to continue to set wellness goals for myself and achieve them.  - Jen M

This holistic program was exactly the jumpstart that I needed to get my habits back on track. I found the one-on-one coaching sessions with Kristin to be extremely helpful. Her insightful perspective and comments were always spot on. - Robin S.

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