The Inner Journey:
Going deeper with yoga, meditation
and breathing

We are going into the eighth week of sheltering in place.  Let THAT sink in!  Most people I speak with have adapted fairly well to their new normal and truly appreciate the “blessings in disguise” that are a result of being at home.  


I was talking with a friend and client the other day. She thought she just needed to tweak her diet a bit, it hasn’t been too bad since she’s been at home. Perhaps, she thought, I just need to give up coffee and chocolate to feel better and less anxious.  Maybe. But she felt confused and not exactly sure what she needed. 


As I was giving her the “usual” advice I give related to diet adjustments, I could just feel this surface level conversation was not what she needed or wanted. Then I said “this is about energy, isn’t it?” She pepped up and gave me a resounding “Yes!  It IS about energy, I’m just feeling flat and a little depressed.”  


This opened up a wonderful conversation and gave us both the space to acknowledge that we are living in UN-usual times. We have no reference for it in our experiences, and the usual food tweaks and pleasant distractions are not working anymore.  They don’t feel strong enough and are less inspiring. 

There is no. . .  spark.   


Personally, I’ve been feeling the same way.  Flat, low energy and I only have bouts of motivation that are not always consistent.  I’m more prone to getting sucked into negativity from the news and social media . . . even when I turn it OFF for a few days.  There is a constant murmur of anxiety and negativity “out there” in the world that I can’t seem to shake inside myself. (If you are highly-sensitive like me you know what I’m talking about!)    


Sometimes I feel butterflies in my stomach or tightness in my chest, inconsistent sleep and lack of focus . . . my body’s stress signals letting me know I need to take better care.   


I drew a few conclusions from that wonderful conversation.  For now, and likely into the unknown future, we will all be in varying degrees of “survival mode.”  Right now, everything just feels like A LOT and everyone’s stress threshold is narrower.  It takes more than giving up coffee, sugar and having pleasant distractions to feel better.  It takes something stronger and deeper that comes from inside ourselves. I call it “inner journey work.” 


We are likely going to be in a confusing transitional period for months or even years.  It will be like a roller coaster . . . and I HATE rollercoasters.  Inner happiness, health and a calm clear-headed state is self-generated.  It takes a daily practice to keep that positive spark alive and inspiring us forward.    

I’m going back to the basics of what I know works from years of practice and teaching. Yoga, meditation and breathing are proven and effective ways to calm the nervous system and reconnect with positive feelings and emotions.  It smooths out tension in the body (tight chest, tight muscles, nervous tension) and reignites that inner spark!  


Plus it just FEELS GOOD!  


This is why I’m offering low-cost private “inner journey work" with yoga, meditation and breathing (via Zoom of course).


Would you like to take the journey?  Here is the offer:  3 – 45-minute sessions for $149.00

(must be used within 30 days)

As difficult and tragic as this pandemic has been, I don’t want to go back to the way things “were.”  I want to emerge changed within myself so I can help people live better and happier lives.  


Submit email below to register or call 215-589-0757.  I will contact you to take payment via Venmo or Square invoice.